Brackenheath D2204 LED Link Light 9 Watt / 904mm

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Brackenheath D2204 LED Link Light 9 Watt / 904mm9 watt rating, 760lm output. Flicker free instant startup. Equal to 21W fluorescent.Fittings individually switched and fitted with diffuser. Cool White (4000K) light output.Lamp life of 30,000 hours. Mains 230/240V AC. No separate driver required.Each fitting comes supplied with 1.8m power lead, straight through butt connector and mounting brackets.May be connected to a lighting circuit, spur unit or you can fit a plug to the cable end if preferred.Picture may not be to scale.

420 reviews for Brackenheath D2204 LED Link Light 9 Watt / 904mm

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