BRK 790MRL Hard Wired Mains Heat Alarm with Rechargeable Lithium Battery Back Up

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BRK 790MRL Hard Wired Mains Heat Alarm with Rechargeable Lithium Battery Back Up

BRK 790MBX Mains Powered Hard Wired Heat Alarm with Rechargeable Lithium Battery back Up

Mains powered hard wired heat alarm with built in rechargeable lithium battery back up and a PUSH-FIT docking base system; designed to ensure quick and easy installation of base unit to the mains feed supply at installation stage (1st fix) and for quick and easy connection of alarm to base unit (2nd fix). The PUSH-FIT base provides spacious room for wiring in premises such as flats where concrete ceilings can be problematic. Top and side entries accommodate for either cable or mini trunking installations.

The advantage of a built in rechargeable battery is that you will not have to change batteries. This is useful if the occupiers are elderly or infirm. It also helps landlords ensure that fire detection systems remain in operation when pre payment electricity meters are in use and during power outages.

These alarms can be installed, along with linked smoke alarms, to provide a fire detection system to comply with British Standard BS 5839: Pt.6 Grade D “System incorporating one or more interlinked mains powered smoke alarms (and heat alarms if required), each with an integral stand-by supply. The interlink can be hardwired or radio-interlinked”.

  • Heat alarm are normally used in locations where the use of a smoke alarm would give rise to nuisance alarms, e.g. Kitchen, Garage, Boiler Rooms, Lofts etc. Heat Alarms should not be used as the sole fire protection method and should only be used in conjunction with Smoke Alarms.
  • 230V hard wired mains powered heat detector / alarm
  • Built in rechargeable 10 year lithium battery back-up (no batteries to change)
  • PUSH-FIT docking base. No separate pattress plate required
  • Advanced Class A2 thermistor sensing technology. Activates in range of +54°C to +70°C
  • Test and silence button
  • Low battery warning
  • Multi-alarm interlink (up to 12 smoke and heat units from list below)
  • Compatible with DS700RF wireless interlink base
  • LED operating indicators
  • 85db alarm
  • 5 year guarantee
  • BS EN14604: 2005 standard
  • CE mark

Dimensions: 142mm diameter x 70mm deep

Compatible devices in this range:-

770MRL – Ionisation Smoke Alarm
760MRL – Optical Smoke Alarm
DS700RF – Wireless Interlink Base

Multi-alarm interlink:-

When more than one alarm is installed within the same building these should be connected together so that if one alarm is activated , all alarms sound.

The normal wiring method for these alarms is 6242Y 1 or 1.5mm (twin & earth) from the power supply, which can be either a dedicated circuit at the consumer unit or a local normally used lighting circuit, to the first alarm position then 6243Y 1 or 1.5mm (3 core & earth) from the first alarm to the second alarm and so on. The maximum circuit length is 250 metres.

Alternatively you can use the DS700RF Wireless Interlink Base to replace the interlink. Please note that when using interlink bases a permanent power supply is still required to each alarm position (using 6242Y 1 or 1.5mm twin & earth cable).

Replacement models:-

This model replaces the BRK 680MRL which is now out of production.



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