BRK DS700RF Wireless Radio Link Base for 600 /700 Range Alarms

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BRK DS700RF Wireless Radio Link Base

Save time & money on your project. Eliminates the need to run long interconnecting wires around a building.

The “RF base” is a system that provides a wireless interlink between mains powered smoke and heat alarms; it is quick to install and quick to link, ensuring greater output and savings. The base unit has been designed to transmit a Radio Frequency (RF) signal, when the alarm attached to it senses smoke or fi re. When another RF base receives this signal the attached smoke or heat alarm will also sound, eliminating the need for connection wires between each alarm. This is also a particularly useful system to use when refurbishing or extending an existing property. The RF base features a unique identifi cation (ID) coding system that prevents individual systems in a group of properties from interacting with each other causing nuisance alarms. No extra wires, means no mess and no fuss.
Installation time is kept to a minimum with very little disruption to a property. There is no need to lift floor boards and carpets or channel out walls even re-decorating after an installation can now be avoided.

Incorporates the very latest lithium battery technology. Built in tamper proof cells provide a minimum of 10 year life ensuring continuous protection even in the event of a power cut!

Each base unit is equipped with a radio receiver and transmitter which can be used with up to 50 smoke and heat alarms. Ionisation (600, 700 range), optical smoke (650, 770 range) and heat alarms (680, 700 range) can all be used on the same system for maximum protection.

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