CED IR1500 Wall Mounted Infra Red Heater 1500W (3 Bar)

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CED IR1200 Wall Mounted Heater Infra Red 1200W (2 Bar)

 Choice of operating as 500 watt (1 bar), 1.0kW (2 bar) or 1.5kW (3 bar) selected by operating pull switch. The pull cord also switches the heater off. Mechanical flag indication of how many bars selected.

This heater must be mounted on wall. The bracket is adjustable for direction. The heater must be mounted a minimum of 1.8 metres from the floor.

600mm long pull cord. 1.3m long cable, fitted with 13A plug which can be removed if not required.

If fitted in a bathroom the heater must be at least 600mm from the edge of bath or top of handbasin. All electrical equipment located in a bathroom must be protected by a 30mA RCD or RCBO device for safety.
Dimensions: 540mm long x 130mm high x 125mm deep.

Suitable for indoor use only. IP24.


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