Chop-Cloc CC02 Energy Saving Timer

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Chop-Cloc CC02 Energy Saving Timer

  • Chop-Cloc is a new low cost energy saving device that is simple and easy to use.
  • Users save an average of 16%.
  • Fully adjustable for maximum savings.
  • Fits in less than 1 hour by a qualified electrician.
  • The Chop Cloc pays for itself in saved energy within a year.
  • Designed to reduce the overwork of your central heating system.
  • Works with most water-based central heating systems.
  • Available today from Electraders

Why do Electraders recommend the Chop-Cloc CC02?

Energy Saving Timer Chop-Cloc is a new way to manage your home comfort. It works alongside your current thermostat or on its own.

However, it’s not a thermostat itself, you could call it a comfostat – a way to control your comfort.

Chop-Cloc heats your home more efficiently allowing you to stay more comfortable for less money.

Customers who already have a Chop-Cloc say that it is very simple to use and they notice immediate savings on their central heating bills.

It’s called ‘Chopping’

By using time based heating control to create more OFF time, Chop-Cloc reduces how much fuel is used by your boiler without affecting how you feel.


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