Crabtree 191003NF Fused Switch 3 Phase 100A

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100A TP&N switch fuse, complete with fuses.

25mm Max cable, spreading room up to 70mm 4 Core, Lug size 8mm hole

 NB: Spreading room is allowed for at one end only, to fit a 4 core cable at both ends an additional cable spreader box is required.

 Crabtree’s Fusestar Switch Fuse Benefits :

  • 20A – 125A supplied including fuses
  • Modular range of enclosures with built in cable spreading room
  • Removable door, opens through 180 degrees for all round access
  • Neutrals, fully rated
  • BS EN 60947-3
  • Paint finish Epoxy Powder, Light Grey RAL 7035

 420mm H x 263mm W x 188mm D (263mm D inc. handle)

404 reviews for Crabtree 191003NF Fused Switch 3 Phase 100A

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