Elkay 400E Electronic Time Lag Switch

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A stylish electronic push button time lag time switch for use with communal lighting and other power use. This type of timer uses electronic function rather than the traditional pneumatic version of these switches that can be prone to wear and tear problems.

Can replace an existing switch to provide energy saving functionality by timing lighting use.

Single pole 1 way. More than one switch can be connected together in parallel to operate the same lighting circuit. The lights will remain on until the last timer goes off. Cannot be used in two way wiring situation.

Ratings @ 240V AC – Incadescent 5amp, Compact Fluorescent 3amp, Fluorescent 3amp. Minimum load 60W

No neutral connection is required at switch.

Time delay is adjustable between 20 seconds and 25 minutes

Please note that this product is normally supplied in own brand packaging but is the genuine Elkay product with Elkay marked on it. Please do not buy off of this listing if you want Elkay packaging.


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