Envirovent SIL150HT Axial Silent Extractor Fan with Humidistat / Timer 150 mm / 6 Inch

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Envirovent SIL150HT Silent Extractor Fan with Humidistat 150mm / 6 inch

Normally fitted in Larger Bathrooms, Utility Rooms or Kitchens. Fitted with the motor mounted on silent elastic blocks, the fan deliver incredibly silent combined with exceptional performance.

This model incorporates a humidity sensor, which automatically switches the fan on when humidity (condensation) is detected then continues to run until the level drops. The level of humidity for the bathroom can be chosen from between 60% and 90% RH. The extract fan will continue to work long enough to reach the selected level.

Can also be connected to switch on with the room light switch and continue to run for pre-set time after the light is switched off.

  • Mains 230/240V AC
  • Incredibly quiet operation for fan performance – 32dB(A) @ 3m – Noise abatement society “Quietmark” awarded 2012
  • 78 litres per second, 280 cubic metres per hour extraction rate
  • Complies with building regulations.
  • IP45 rated.
  • Running indicator light .
  • Sealed for life ball bearings.
  • Motor fitted to silent elastic blocks.
  • Backdraught flaps.
  • 5 year guarantee.
  • Available from Electraders.

Envirovent SIL150HT Dimensions

Dimensions: 214mm wide x 214mm high x 30mm deep (beyond installed surface). 147mm diameter spigot which extends for 95mm.


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