Eterna Q1200 Infra Red Quartz Wall Heater 2 Bar 1.2kW

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  • Adjustable directional bracket
  • Neon indicator light
  • Operated by built in pull switch – switches between one and two bars (600 watt / 1.2kW)
  • 1.6 metre flex and 13a plug fitted (which can be removed if you want to connect to a spur unit)
  • Indoor use only. Must be installed minimum of 1.8m from floor level and 0.5m from ceiling
  • If fitted in a bathroom the heater must be at least 600mm from the edge of bath or top of hand basin. All electrical equipment located in a bathroom must be protected by a 30mA RCD or RCBO device for safety.

Dimensions: 542mm wide x 136mm high x 62mm deep


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