Greenbrook ELTSLED20NM LED Twin Spot Emergency Light Fitting

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Greenbrook ELTSLED20NM LED Twin Spot Emergency Light Fitting

Non-Maintained LED Twin Spot for interior installations provides up to three hours of emergency lighting thanks to the 1 x 3.6V, 4.5Ah battery (supplied). The smart polycarbonate body in a bright white finish unit provides the ideal choice for workshops, warehouses, factories and long corridors.

  • IP20 Rated
  • 3.2W, 130lm/W
  • Non-Maintained (lights only on power failure)
  • Battery health Indicator
  • LED lamps mean low power consumption
  • Emergency operation duration 3 hours
  • Polycarbonate body – white finish
  • Carry handle – easy to transport
  • Conforms to BS EN60598-1:2008 & A1:2006 ,BS EN 60598-2-22:1998
  • Battery Type: 1 x 3.6V 4.5Ah Ni Cd Battery (supplied)

Greenbrook ELTSLED20NM LED Twin Spot Emergency Light Fitting

208mm long x 308.5mm high x 55.5mm deep

449 reviews for Greenbrook ELTSLED20NM LED Twin Spot Emergency Light Fitting

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