Greenwood Airvac CV2GIP Unity Extractor Fan 100 mm /4 Inch Circular (Any Room)

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Greenwood Airvac CV2GIP Unity Extractor Fan 100mm /4 inch Circular (Any Room)

Greenwood CV2GIP “Any Room” Extractor Fan dMEV. Timer/Humidistat option built in.

Overview of Greenwood Airvac CV2GIP

Unity CV2GIP revolves around a one product concept – One Fan, Any Room, All Installations and is the newest and most innovative dMEV fan to be brought to the UK Market.

Designed for new build and refurbishment applications, it delivers a cutting edge performance as a result of its unique and innovative design – Unity CV2GIP is really one of a kind!

Key benefits

  • Superior Performance – the best you can buy in the UK for continuous single point ventilation (dMEV)
  • The unique ability to adjust and specifically set airflow for each home to meet design criteria – Guaranteed Installed Performance
  • Easy onsite interaction for installation and commissioning
  • Extremely quiet running – no nuisance noise!!
  • Suitable for new build and refurbishment – no homeowners and tenants
  • SMART Technology by Greenwood – more efficiencies, more effective and tangible savings!
  • Best Performing dMEV in the UK – with the LOWEST running costs

With a SFP as low as 0.16W/l/s, Unity CV2GIP achieves top of class performance for the dMEV category for SAP Appendix Q – an achievement for all installation applications. The delivery of this outstanding performance contributes to maximum rewards for DER’s in SAP and results in the lowest running costs for continuous ventilation – the equivalent to two cans of branded baked beans for the entire year!

GIP – Guaranteed Installed Performance

The 2010 Building Regulations now focus on installed ventilation performance meeting design criteria for the first time (GIP – Guaranteed Installed Performance). This is the first step to ventilation becoming a controlled service within a dwelling and means systems will be inspected and tested prior to sign off by Building Control.

Unity CV2GIP has been designed to assist in the simple delivery of GIP onsite. It has an innovative adjustable airflow feature which allows trickle and boost speeds to be altered following testing to ensure compliance.

SMART Technology
Unity CV2GIP marks the launch of SMART Technology by Greenwood – a fusion of sensors, controls and innovative design features that make ventilation work SMARTer in the home and the environment.

Extraction Rates:

Trickle speed: 5 litres per second to 8 litres per second
Boost Speed: 8 litres per second to 13 litres per second
Maximum Speed: 21 litres per second

Energy Consumption: 1.1 watts to 4.1 watts

Greenwood Airvac CV2GIP Dimensions

199mm diameter x 61.5mm visible beyond installed surface. 129.5mm overall depth. For connection to 100mm ducting.


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