Honeywell ST699B1002 Central Heating Programmer 24 Hour

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Honeywell ST699B1002 Central Heating Programmer 24 Hour

The ST699 electronic dual zone timer is used to control gravity, primary or fully pumped central heating systems requiring a single 24 hour programme with two ON/OFF periods per day.

ST699 incorporates a simple and intuitive programming concept which established its predecessor as the leading electronic dual zone timer on the market.

  • 24-hour programmer
  • Independent heating and hot water channels
  • One or Two ON/OFF periods per day
  • Built-in programme
  • Temporary programme override/advance
  • 7-day battery back-up
  • Compact size
  • AM/PM or 24 hour clock format (factory option)
  • Wallplate compatibility with 7-day version (ST799)
  • 10 minute programme resolution
  • 3 A resistive/inductive (@ 0.6 pf) 230 V~ SPDT relay rating
  • Simple/intuitive programming
  • Surface or wallbox mounting options
  • Pack contains everything for immediate installation


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