Horstmann BX2000 Water Heater Controller

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Used to control electric immersion heater(s) that utilise an “Off Peak” (“Economy 7” or “Low Rate”) tariff.

This unit requires two separate electrical supplies to it, one constant supply (from your “Normal” household Consumer Unit) and one timed supply (from your “Off Peak” Consumer Unit). It will control one, two separate or a dual immersion heater in the most efficient manner.

During the off peak hours the controller will activate the immersion to store hot water at the cheapest rate. During the day time you can “boost” the level of hot water at any time by pressing either the One or Two hour boost buttons which prevents the heater being left on accidentally.
Always gives priority to the off-peak supply and automatically cancels any boost that has been selected prior to the off-peak supply becoming available

  • One hour or two hour boost and cancel button
  • Indicator lights tells you which supply is active
  • Incorporates two double pole switches: one for 24 hour supply; one for off-peak [low rate] supply
  • Accepts single, dual or two separate 3 kW immersion heater applications
  • Requires two incoming supplies one from the Normal and one from the Off Peak

On systems with two immersions the boost supply will normally control the Top or Short element and the Off Peak controls the Bottom or Long element. Maximum load is 3kW on each element (which is the standard UK rating). 

If you have the necessary two consumer units but only one cable running to the immersion heater at the moment it is possible that this Controller can be sited beside the Consumer Unit to derive the two supplies and the existing cable the feeds the immersion heater can be routed to leave this unit.


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