Hyco DF20 Down Flow Wall Mounted Fan Heater 2kW

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Hyco DF20 Down Flow Wall Mounted Fan Heater 2kW

  • Wall mounted heater ideal for bathroom / kitchen / workshop
  • Heat output of 1 or 2kW selectable at installation. 2kW automatically steps down to 1kW when room reaches temperature
  • Thermal safety cut out
  • Mains 230/240V AC
  • CE marked
  • IP21 rated

Dimensions: 235mm wide x 243mm high x 120mm deep. 420mm long pull cord, 1.5m long cable. As this item is designed for fixed installation it does not have a plug fitted although you can fit a plug if required for rooms other than bathrooms.

For wall mounting only. Heater must be fitted minimum of 300mm from ceiling, 1.8m from floor level and 250mm from any side wall. If fitted above a shelf there must be a minimum of 650mm clearance. If installed in a room containing a bath or shower this heater must be positioned more than 600mm from the edge of the bath or shower (i.e. outside zones 0, 1 or 2) and the circuit must be protected by an RCD device.


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