Kidde KF10 Smoke Alarm Ionisation Mains / 9V Battery Back Up

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Kidde KF10 (KF1 / 4870/ I9040) Smoke Alarm Mains / Battery Back Up Ionisation Hard Wired

The KF10 unit replaces the KF1 and 4870 which is now out of production.

The Kidde KF10 is a hard wired Ionisation (mains) alarm unit with 9v battery backup.  A 9V DC Alkaline Long Life Primary Battery backup that has a projected 4 year life and provides a minimum of 72 hours standby and 4 minutes in alarm at any time during this period. NB. A fresh battery will sustain the detector for circa 3 years in AC power failure.

The Kidde KF10 can be interconnected with up to 23 other alarms.

Combined Hush and Test Button. False Alarm Control (FAC) By Way of a Hush Button. FAC quiets unwanted alarms for up to 15 mins. LED will flash approximately every 10 seconds when FAC is activated. FAC resets automatically with double chirp notification

Dual Colour Multifunction LED indicator light to indicate GREEN that AC mains power is on, pulse RED once per minute on normal operation, pulse RED once per second smoke alarm is sensing smoke, alarm horn operates. Pulse RED every ten seconds, unit is in False Alarm Control mode. RED off, alarm horn operates, another connected smoke alarm has sensed smoke.

30 day Low Battery Warning Signal

Manufacturers 6 year guarantee.

Kidde KF10 Smoke Alarms have a recommended lifespan of 10 Years.

Kidde KF10 Dimensions

Diameter: 134mm

Depth: 34mm


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