Manrose CF200H Centrifugal Extractor Fan 100 mm / 4 Inch (Humidistat)

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Manrose CF200H Centrifugal Extractor Fan  100mm / 4 Inch (Humidistat)

Powerful centrifugal extractor fan, the Manrose CF200H is ideal in Bathrooms or Toilets. The CF200H model has a built in humidity sensor which automatically activates the run on timer when condensation is detected. It will then continue to run the fan until the condensation is cleared. It can also be operated in conjunction with the light switch. When the light is switched on the fan will turn on and continue to run on for a pre-set time after the light is switched off.

Extract rate: 31 litres per second, 110m3 per hour. Noise level 45dB(A) @ 3m. 45 watts power consumption.

The Manrose CF200H can be wall or ceiling mounted.

Moulded in impact resistant high gloss ABS thermoplastics for strength, durability and appearance. Fitted with a powerful backward curved centrifugal impeller. A spring operated non return flap is built into the discharge spigot to prevent backdraughts.

Manrose CF200HDimensions

260mm wide x 185mm high x 90mm deep. 98mm diameter exhaust which is located in the top left of the fan as you look on to it


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