National Ventilation UMD100T Mixed Flow In-Line Extractor Fan with Timer

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National Ventilation UMD100T Mixed Flow In-Line Extractor Fan with Timer

High quality unit which can be used for extraction and intake ventilation systems that require high pressure, powerful airflow with low noise levels. Ideal solution for ventilation of rooms with high humidity such as bathrooms, kitchens, as well as ventilation for apartments, houses, shops, cafes and hydroponics situations etc.

This model incorporates a run on timer which operates in conjunction with the room light switch. When the light is switched on the fan starts, when the room light is switched off the fan continues to run for a pre-set time (adjustable 2 – 30 mins).


The motor is attached to the body of the fan by two quick release clips which enables the motor to rotate to provide connection for confined spaces and removal for maintenance without removing the whole fan or ducting. Two motor speeds selectable at installation.


The single phase ball bearing motor is equipped with Standard Thermal Overload Protection (STOP) with automatic reset. Motor protection rating IPX4. Complies with Part F building regulations and designed for ambient temperatures up to 60°. Supply voltage 220-240v 50Hz.


The fan can be mounted in line or at either end of the duct run and at any angle, horizontally or vertically. Several fans can be mounted in parallel to increase the volume of air or in series to increase the pressure. The casing is fitted with a mounting plate. The mounting box can be rotated to be installed in any position for easy installation and connection.


Extract rate 51.9 litres per second, 187m3 per hour. Sound output 35dB(A) @ 3m. 33 watts power consumption, 2,450 RPM


96mm diameter spigot
246mm length
195mm high
1.4kg weight


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