Primeline Manrose PEF6040 Axial Extractor Fan 150 mm / 6 Inch (Humidistat)

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Primeline PEF6040 Axial Extractor Fan 150mm / 6 Inch (Humidistat

This model has a built in humidity sensor which automatically activates the run on timer when condensation is detected. It will then continue to run the fan until the condensation is cleared. It can also be operated in conjunction with the light switch. When the light is switched on the fan will turn on and continue to run on for a pre-set time after the light is switched off.

Mains voltage 230/240V AC.


Extract rate 230m³hr, 64 litres per second

Sound volume: 40.0 dB(A) @ 3m

Dimensions: 203mm wide x 203mm high x 52mm deep (visible beyond installed surface). Spigot is 151mm diameter and extends for 46mm. This fan is for connection to 150mm / 6″ ducting.


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