Primeline TONE Over Sink Water Heater 7 Litre 3kW

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Vented Point-Of-Use Oversink Water Heater With Telescopic Spout & Adjustable Thermostat 7 Litres 3.0kW 240V.

Typically installed directly over the sink. Ideal for light commercial duty such as washing cups and dishes.

Water can be supplied either directly from the mains or from an elevated cistern or feed tank (a minimum head pressure of 4 metres is required).

Supplied with an inlet valve that, when opened, allows the mains cold water supply to enter the heater and displace the hot water stored in the cylinder. As the valve controls the displacement, the outlet is open to atmosphere so that when the unit heats up, the expanded water is allowed to drip from the spout into the basin.

No other outlet should be used in conjunction with this type of product.


  • Capacity : 7 litre.
  • Rating : 3.0kW @ 240V. (2.75kW @ 230V)
  • Outer Casing : The main body is substantial gauge sheet steel, anti-corrosion treated and finished in white stoved enamel. End covers are moulded in grey ABS. The back has three fixing points for wall mounting.
  • Insulation : Approved CFC/HCFC free (ODP ZERO)polyurethane foam.
  • Water Container : Copper. Pressure tested to 1.38 bar (20psi). A minimum head pressure of four metres is required.
  • Integral Heat Unit : Embedded rod-type element sheathed in corrosion resistant alloy.
  • Element : Alloy sheathed Element, incorporated into an easily removable heater plate, should replacement be necessary.
  • Thermostat : Capillary type, adjustable 10°C – 70°C.
  • Swivel Outlet : Stoved enamel copper tube 300mm, with 15mm ‘Push-fit’ connection. No other pipework or spout or tap should be connected to the outlet.
  • Inlet : An inlet valve is supplied with 15mm compression connections.
  • Safety : Models are available with a thermal fuse cut-out fitted in series with the adjustable thermostat.
  • Electrical : The installation must comply with BS 7671 ‘Requirements for electrical installations’ (IEE Wiring Regulations). It must be fully earthed and permanently connected to the electrical supply through a double pole linked isolating switch with minimum breaking capacity suitable for the loading.
  • Approvals : BEAB and kiwa approved to UK water supply regulations. Manufactured in the UK in a BS EN ISO9001:2000 registered factory.
  • Guarantee : 2 year guarantee with on-site service support from date of purchase.


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