Timeguard SLW100G PIR Halogen Flood Light 100 Watt (White)

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Energy saving 100W enclosed halogen floodlight with adjustable integral PIR detector.Up to 150W of light using 100W ‘C’ Class energy saving lamp supplied.*Pan and tilt feature.Detects body heat movement up to 12 metres away and automatically switches the light ON.180° adjustable detection angle.Moveable detector allows horizontal and vertical PIR range adjustment.Manual ON/OFF switching override.Light ON time adjustable from 5 seconds to 5 minutes.Built-in sensor prevents daytime operation.100W ‘C’ Class energy saving halogen lamp supplied (lamp not covered by warranty).IP55 weatherproof rating.Total PIR switching: 2000W incandescent/ halogen, 375W fluorescent/low energy lighting.Manufactured by Timeguard


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