Timeguard SPS8G Surge Protected Power Strip 8Way

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SPS8G 8-Way Surge Protected Switched Socket Strip

Shares the same benefits as SPS6G but provides 8 socket outlets and a switch controlling all 8 outlets.

This product only protects against power line surges. Aerial inputs and BT connections are not protected.

  • Redirects high-energy transients on the mains supply lines harmlessly to earth and away from associated equipment and operators.
  • Resets automatically.
  • Dissipates incoming and outgoing transients.
  • Separate mains ON and mains protection intact indication.
  • Three separate mains protection devices between L-N, L-E, N-E with thermal overload protection.
  • 2 metre cable length with BS1363 plug fitted.
  • Separate neon indication to denote: (1) Surge protection is intact, (2) Supply is present.

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