Timeguard TFP02WL RCD Switch Socket 13 Amp Passive

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TFP02WL RCD Single White Latching Socket

Shares all the features and benefits of the TFA01W but it will remain latched if the supply is temporarily lost.

Single socket RCD circuit breaker simply replaces an existing single socket outlet. The contacts break when power supply is temporarily lost.

  • TFP02WL protects appliances from possible fire hazard.
  • Manual reset.
  • Extra fast action – trips out within 40 milliseconds (BS7288).
  • Automatically disconnects both Live and Neutral connections leaving Earth connection intact.
  • Test button for safety checks.
  • Still protects with lost neutral.
  • Still protects with pulsating DC earth fault currents.
  • Remains latched when the power supply is temporarily lost.
  • Bulk range are supplied in 6 pack display cartons.
  • Manufactured by Timeguard
  • Available from Electraders


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