Timeguard TRT038 7 Day Digital Heating Programmer – 3 Channel

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Timeguard TRT038 7 Day Digital Heating Programmer – 3 Channel

24 hour/7 day digital heating programmer with 3 independent timed channels e.g. hot water and 2 separate heating zones, designed for fully pumped central heating systems.

  • 3 independently timed channels – hot water and 2 separate 
  • heating zones.
  • Suitable for fully pumped systems.
  • Stylish design with pull down flap for programming.
  • 3 different time periods (5 day plus 2 or 7 day).
  • Easy view 12 hour am/pm or 24 hour clock/timer display illuminated on setting.
  • Simple push button operation, illuminates on setting.
  • 1 or 2 hour boost facility.
  • Holiday mode to suspend programmes.
  • Automatic summer/winter changeover.
  • Advance to next programme mode.
  • Output led’s for channel switch status.
  • Surface mount with wall plate included.
  • 3 wire connection (double insulated).
  • Voltage free contacts.
  • 3 (1) A at 230V.
  • Factory fitted battery for memory back-up.

387 reviews for Timeguard TRT038 7 Day Digital Heating Programmer – 3 Channel

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