Vent Axia 188110 Luminaire L Extractor Fan & Light SELV (Standard)

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Vent Axia 188110 Luminaire L Extractor Fan & Light SELV (Standard)

Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) extractor fan and light in a single ceiling mounted fitting.

The IPX7 unit is installed directly over a shower in complete safety. Extracts moisture and humidity at source, preventing damaging condensation from spreading. At the same time it bathes the shower enclosure in a rich soft light – bringing any dark shower to life. Ideal for all types of bathroom and shower applications, and is particularly suitable for en-suite shower installations. Designed for mounting in a wide variety of ceiling thicknesses.

The safety isolating transformer to BS EN 60742 is mounted in a purpose made enclosure that can be wall mounted or sited in the loft, and is designed to accept mini trunking (LuminAir L transformer – IP20 – loft mounted). LuminAir has a 20 Watt 40° spread, pre-formed Dichroic Multi-Mirror™ lamp, to give a pool of soft warm light. The lamp has a long life and is simple to change.

This model is for switching on / off by means of a separate switch (e.g. light switch).

Extract Performance: 31 litres per second, 100 cubic metres per hour. Sound output: 35dB(A) @ 3m. Power consumption: 40 watts.

Dimensions: Diameter of Bezel: 150mm. Depth from face of installed surface to rear of bend: 180mm.


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