Vent Axia 453410 Luminaire L Low Voltage Extractor Fan Kit (Standard)

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Vent Axia 453410 Luminaire L Low Voltage Extractor Fan Kit (Standard)

Combined Extractor Fan and Light Kit. Consists of Fan and Light Combination Unit, Low Voltage Transformer, External Wall Grille (Brown) and length of foil ventilation ducting, all in the one box!

The revolutionary Vent-Axia LuminAir Safety Extra Low Voltage fan and light in a single ceiling mounted fitting. We also sell the timer version of this fan under another listing.

The IPX7 unit is installed directly over a shower in complete safety. Vent-Axia LuminAir extracts moisture and humidity at source, preventing damaging condensation from spreading. At the same time it bathes the shower enclosure in a rich soft light – bringing any dark shower to life. Ideal for all types of bathroom and shower applications, and is particularly suitable for bedsit and en-suite shower installations.

Designed for mounting in a wide variety of ceiling thicknesses. The safety isolating transformer to BS EN 60742 is mounted in a purpose made enclosure that can be wall mounted or sited in the loft, and is designed to accept mini trunking (LuminAir L transformer – IP20 – loft mounted).

LuminAir has a 20 Watt 40° spread, pre-formed Dichroic Multi-Mirror™ lamp, to give a pool of soft warm light. The lamp has a long life and is simple to change.

Extract Rate: 44 litres per second, 160 cubic metres per hour. Sound output: 38dB(A) @ 3m. Power Consumption: 35 watts.


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