Visonic DISCOVERY QUAD MCW Wireless PIR Movement Detector

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Visonic DISCOVERY QUAD MCW Wireless PIR Movement Detector

Discovery Quad MCW is a fully supervised wireless twin-channel digital real Quad detector with True Quad Logic (TQL) processing and advanced anti-collision wireless technology. It is compatible with PowerMax® and all Visonic PowerCode™ wireless panels and receivers.

Discovery Quad MCW is designed to successfully prevent false alarms in extremely harsh environment conditions including commercial and light industrial applications.

Discovery Quad MCW prevents false alarms better than any other detector by combining two completely separate Dual element PIR detectors positioned in a unique Quad orientation. Both detectors operate simultaneously, employing Visonic’s patented “True Motion Recognition™” (TMR), digital signal processing (DSP) and Fuzzy Logic Quad algorithms.

Discovery Quad MCW is approved and available in various frequency bands according to international standards.

Discovery Quad MCW Features:

  • Twin PIR real Quad Digital detector with True Quad Logic (TQL)
  • Fully supervised wireless detector with anti-collision PowerCode technology
  • Compatible with PowerMax and all Visonic PowerCode wireless panels and receivers
  • 3 Volt long life high power standard Lithium battery
  • Long-term stability and reliability thanks to advanced true digital processing
  • Ultimate false alarm immunity based on patented “True Motion Recognition”(TMR) with “Event Verification” and Fuzzy Logic Quad algorithms
  • 15m x 15m (50ft x 50ft) high sensitivity coverage
  • Sealed optics protects from insects and air currents
  • Integral swivel bracket for ceiling or wall mounting, simplifies installation and control of the detection pattern
  • Durable and elegant design
  • Suitable for home, warehouse, commercial and light industrial harsh environment applications


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