Visonic MCT-246 Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detector

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Visonic MCT-246 Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector MCT-426 Supervised Wireless PowerCode Smoke Detector MCT-426 is a fully supervised wireless photoelectric smoke detector that is compatible with PowerMax and other Visonic PowerCode wireless home security systems. Designed for a wide range of residential and commercial applications, the easily installed MCT-426 has a streamlined design and a longer battery life for easy and low-cost maintenance. Achieving superior smoke detection sensitivity levels, the MCT-426 provides early warning of developing fire. When smoke is detected, MCT-426 issues both sound and transmitted alarms. To ensure secure communication, transmissions use a Power Code 24-bit ID command code, which is selected from 16 million possible combinations and is therefore unique and virtually impossible to accidentally reproduce. A smart anti-collision algorithm prevents signal jamming by simultaneous transmissions from multiple devices. MCT-426 also transmits supervisory reports, including battery condition, to the wireless control panel, or receiver, at regular intervals – ensuring system integrity and functionality at all times.

  • Compatible with PowerMax security systems and PowerCode receivers
  • Loud 85dB internal alarm @ 3m
  • 5 – 8 year battery life
  • Sound and visible alerts (smoke, tamper, low battery)
  • Self-diagnostic circuit and maintenance indication
  • Simple wall and ceiling mount  installation
  • Tamper switch and manual test button
  • Fully certified to EN 14604 and UL 268

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